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Tough Love No2


Staple bound zine •32, 8.5 x 5.5in pages • Black and white with a color cover
Edition of 100

I invited a group of artists again to interpret their views on love and they each offered up their unique definition.

“The first cut is the deepest.” - Yusuf/Cat Stevens

Artists in order of work: Paul Moreno, Julián Rodríguez Aldana, Bobby Miller, Jordirosa, Meer Musa, Tyler Williams, Richard Weaver, John Paradiso, Tom Hill, Sam Zalutsy, John Hanning, Ivan Krasovec, Miguel Sanchez, Daniel Jacobs, Robert Iacovissi, Evripidis Sabatis, John D'Nale, Dan Romer, Henry Vega, Paul Rizzo and Jerry Seguin.

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