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Ship to Shore No2

Staple bound booklet • 36 6 x 6in full color pages and cover
Edition of 100

Sailors, Sirens and Sea Monsters is a follow up to Ship To Shore. I invited thirty-three artists from around the world to interpret their ideas of the mysteries of the sea.

“An ocean without its unnamed monsters would be like a completely dreamless sleep.” - John Steinbeck

Artists in order of work: Alex Nuñez, Beth Delagi, Peter McCaffrey, Bobby Miller, John Hanning, Martin Masetto, Julián Rodríguez Aldana, Matthew Lawrence, Martha King, Sara Gothard, Abbey Messmer, Meghan Eplett, Tom Hill, Jürgen Katzengruber, Sam Zalutsky, Charlie Welch, John Paradiso, William Noonan, Michelle Rajotte, Daniel Jacobs, Matt Stoops, Evripidis Sabatis, Mark Welsh, Matthew Bede Murphy, Meer Musa, Johann D’Nale, Adam Singer, Paul Rizzo, Heidi Dorow, Greg Clodfelter, Si Tsoi, Paul Anthony Moreno and Paco y Manolo.

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