Stay The F*ck At Home Short Film Film Festival

Live streamed on May 12, 2020

My friend Emily and I orgnazied and curated an online shorts film festival at the beginning of the 2020 lockdown.

You can skip the introductions, chit chat and technical difficulties and go directly to the time code before each listing and many of the films have a direct link in the title where you can view the originals (see below).

08:34 / Popup Video /Made in 2020 by Apostrophe (New Orleans LA) / 05:20 / The Clown Witch of New Orleans

16:13 / the night is still and quiet, except for the sirens / Made in 2020 by by Roxy Chaney (Seattle WA) / 01:00 / A very brief bio I moved to Seattle in January, I don't remember anything before that

18:10 / Record of My Living / Made in 2020 by Aline Allegra (Queens NY) / 03:55 / Non-Fiction Film Artist

23:36 / What Happens to Little Boys Who Play with Paper Dolls (and scissors) / Made in 202 by Vincent Gagliostro (Paris FRANCE) / 01:56 / Vincent Gagliostro is an artist, filmmaker, activist. He made his award winning feature film debut, AFTER LOUIE in 2017, starring Alan Cumming, Zachary Booth and Sarita Choudhury. He has created some of the most recognizable political messaging to come out of the early moments of the AIDS crisis in New York. His work as a graphic artist and fine artist is included in the permanent collections of The Whitney, The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan, and Cooper-Hewitt.

26:35 / Turn Off the Lights / Made in 2020 by Marianne DiMascio (Burlington VT) / 05:31 / Music by Patricia Julien Sound design by Jess Wilson. I wrote, shot, and edited this film during a weekend in April. It’s my first attempt at directing and editing. And what better time than a pandemic to learn how to make a film?

32:39 / Almost Every T-Shirt in My T-Shirt Drawer / Made in 2020 by Emily Nahmanson  (San Francisco CA) / 01:17 / Emily is sheltered in place in San Francisco

34:41 / 032 / Made in 2020 by jordirosa⭐️ (Tarragona SPAIN) / 04:53 / Coding artist based in mediterranean Spain

42:20 / The Liverdance  / Made in 2020 by by Samuel J Sacks (Worcester, MA) / 00:53 / Sam makes videos in Worcester, MA. As this airs, he and is sister are both sedated.  They are lying on respective operating tables, as Debbie's liver is replaced by 60% of Sam's.

45:00 / I Believe In You  / Made in 2020 by Paul Caccamo (Germantown NY) / 05:07 / Paul C. is an extreme extrovert who recently started to go crazy and make films with his iPhone for his IG account. This is his first full length (I.e. 5 minute) feature film


56:12 / This That Though / Made in 2014 by Matt Stoops (San Francisco CA) / 03:06 / Matt Stoops is a musician and nurse who lives in San Francisco.

1:01: 28 / Tots els arbres (All the Trees) / Made in 2020 by Rosa Ballarín and Dominik Borucki (Cardedeu SPAIN) / 5:47 / Rosa Ballarín is a freelance contemporary dancer from Barcelona. She is specialized on Improvisation and Contact Improvisation. She organizes dance events (La Semilla, Eix Festival of Dance Improvisation etc.). Beside dance she works as a body-centered psychotherapist. Dominik Borucki is German born freelance contemporary dancer resident in Cardedeu-Barcelona. He worked in over 20 countries in Europe, America and India, presenting his performances and workshops. Creator of Kun Dance. Beside dance he works as body-centered psychotherapist, art-therapist and healer and is the author of the book “The Scientification of Body and Soul”.

1:08:33 / Stay at Home (a meditation on time) / Made in 2020 by Lisa Guido (Brooklyn NY) / 00:09

1:10:34 / Fag Run / Made in 1994 by Jon Kinnally and Charlie Welch (Los Angeles CA and Philadelphia PA) / 03:39 / Jon Kinnally is a comedy writer living in Los Angeles with a rabbit, two turtles, a beagle, a bunch of cats and another human. Charlie Welch lives in Philadelphia alone and is an award winning pie baker. They used to make things together that are probably only funny to themselves.

1:16:01 / Masterclass With Dick Spittaz / Made in 2020 by Patrick J. Reilly and Ganesh Nair (New York NY) / 01:51 / Patrick J. Reilly and Ganesh Nair write for the New York City based sketch group Infinite Sketch.

1:18:46 / Chudakarana: River Offerings is a poem made in 2020 by Dudgrick Bevins (New York NY) / 4:30 / Dudgrick Bevins is a queer interdisciplinary artist living, teaching, and making in NYC. He lives with his partner and the ghosts of two hedgehogs, Tobin and Ezri.

1:24:07 / Soy Yo / Made in 2017 by Turner Bruce and Jefferson Healey (New York NY and Philadelphia PA) / 02:38 / Turner and Jefferson are pretty funny... I guess.

1:27:41 / Spoon Line / Made in 2020 by Abigail Bruley (Philadelphia PA) / 01:19 / Creator, writer/director of Down the Show, Main Blessings and the upcoming bizarrely funny Main Absolves and Manrepeller muse Abigail Bruley is a self described "picture maker" and "beginner's minder".

1:31:10 / Tom Tribute / Made in 2013 by by Heidi Dorow (Brooklyn NY) / 02:39 / Heidi likes candy and lives in Brooklyn.