It’s all about me, me, me.

Ongoing project.

A portion of this work was exhibited at Portico Gallery as part of the Photo Credit exhibituon, curated by John Thomas Paradiso.

Rest at ease rabbit.
It’s all going to be just fine,
though no promises.

It’s All About Me, Me, Me. At the beginning of the COVID lockdown I started playing around with papier-mâché and making small sculptures, mostly pie slices and cakes. This was born out of an exploration to my relationship with (comfort) food and how I have always used it as a coping mechanism. Eventually I started making masks and creating self portraits and found this was a way I also could be in front of the camera. I have always spent my time behind the camera and have never felt as comfortable as the subject matter. With the creation of the masks and the accompanying images I began to explore more into my sense of identity, as well as issues around my mental and emotional health, due in part of the isolation of the past couple of years.