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Hyper Hybrid

2018 - ongoing
16 x 20in color digital prints

We are expected to make things bigger and better - our food, our homes, our jobs, ourselves, and there is competition in who has the most. Rather than accepting and appreciating what is, we are force-fed the need to manipulate our environment and our self to meet these goals.

In this project I physically manipulate flowers using basic materials - tape and string - to attempt to make a more beautiful one.

It was born out of a focus of the negative of (forced) change but in the process I ended up making something positive and better - an “other” and something out of the norm. This is parallel to how we are able to change and construct our own identities as we find ourselves and find comfort in ourselves. It’s the same flower but now with additional qualities -  stronger, more flourishing, and more beautiful.

Exhibited at AMP: Art Market Provincetown  (Provincetown MA) June 21 - July 10, 2019 and some of the photos were dispalyed on the altar at St. Francis Xavier in New York City in 2020.