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Good to go

Color photographs

Wheat Ridge CO

I haven"t been back here since 1977. This is where I first made a cape out of an old blanket and climbed up the drain pipe of my elementary school and would stand guard on the roof. This is where I rescued turtles and stray cats and injured birds and kept them in the garage until I felt they were good to go. This is where I was dressed up in my mother’s wig and clothes and jewelry and put on a show dancing to The Locomotion. This is where my brother and I tried to run away by climbing out our second floor bedroom window. We made it only as far as across the street where my sister was babysitting. This is where I came home from school and watched my pet gerbil eat it's babies and thought I didn't have it so bad. This is Where I got a plastic knitting machine as a gift that knit only tubes and I would make my own socks - my favorite were a pair made from thin yellow and purple yarn which I wore to school all of the time. When I pulled them up they looked like fishnets. I was so proud. This is where I first heard Olivia Newton-John and my life changed forever. Everything seemed so much bigger then.