Back and Forth, Forever

2021 - 2022
Collaborative project with Jon Kinnally.

At the end of September 2021 Jon and I began this project and it was a way for us to commit to doing something creative and to keep our imaginations active, and today is the final chapter.

The title was inspired by the infamous scene from the movie "Me and You and Everyone We Know” where one person was expressing a desire and another was playing, and the miscommunication and misinterpretation could only be laughed at.

Every Sunday for the past fifty-two weeks Jon would send me text and I then would interpret it through a photograph. At the same time, I would send Jon a separate photograph and he would interpret it with words. We would have one week to complete both parts, as well as to prepare new work to send to each other. As a result we have one hundred and two collaborative dialogues. When the text is on top, then that is how that piece began, and if the photo is on top, that is what started the conversation.

These are the results.